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Year 3 results show hospitals continuing to improve standards of care

Patients suffering from five of the North West’s most common conditions are benefiting from improved standards of hospital care, according to the latest results published by Advancing Quality.

Results from the third year of the programme show that the region’s NHS trusts achieved improvements of more than 21 per cent in key quality measures designed to drive up standards.

The aim of Advancing Quality is to improve clinical quality and outcomes for patients by reducing complications, length of hospital stay, mortality and re-admission rates for patients in regularly performed surgery and treatments for heart attackship and knee replacement surgerypneumoniaheart failure and heart bypass surgery.

The table below shows the scores for each clinical focus area in years one to three of the programme. These figures represent the North West region as a whole. The trusts are scored by how consistently they deliver the quality of care measures. The percentage increase is the overall improvement in the North West from year one to year three.

AIM* CABG** Heart failure Hip and knee Pneumonia
Year 1 92.52% 96.78% 62.12% 89.54%  76.32%
Year 2 97.49% 96.94% 69.95% 92.82%  81.54%
Year 3 97.76% 98.22% 75.45% 94.58%  85.97%
Actual increase between Y1-Y3 +5.66% +1.48% +21.45% +5.62%  +13.15%

*AMI: Acute Mycocardial Infarction (i.e. heart attack)
*CABG: Coronary Artery Bypass Graph (i.e. heart bypass surgery)

Advancing Quality is the flagship programme of the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), the North West’s health improvement organisation.

AQuA chief executive, David Fillingham, said: “I am delighted to see that in year three of the Advancing Quality programme the entire region has continued to improve the quality of care delivered to patients. These results pay tribute to the excellent work that is being done by NHS staff. This plays a key role in AQuA’s mission to support improvements in health and the quality of health services in the North West of England.”

The Advancing Quality programme was launched in 2008 and is now live in 32 North West NHS provider trusts. Clinicians have agreed a set of standards for the conditions above which define and measure good clinical practice. Consistent delivery of these interventions is associated with better outcomes for patients. Each measure should be delivered in every patient to ensure they receive the highest standard of care and drive improvements in healthcare across the regiong.

Each trust has an Advancing Quality team who work locally to drive improvements. AQuA hosts Advancing Quality collaborative and shared learning events throughout the year to give the teams the opportunity to come together to share examples of best practice and learn about the latest developments in the programme and the focus area.

Advancing Quality clinical lead for heart failure, Dr Jeff Ball, said: “Advancing Quality is a programme which is driven by clinicians and has been effective with demonstrable improvements in patient care across the North West within a very short time. The programme is about ensuring diagnosis, investigation, treatment and advice are given at the right time, every time for every patient. Published data shows that is is working and we are expecting patient care to continue to improve as the programme progresses.”

The results are publicly reported once a year on the Advancing Quality website so patients can see how well their local trust is performing.

The programme also measures care of stroke patients and patients suffering from dementia and first episode psychosis. Results from these measures will be published later in the year.

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