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‘Psychosis is a mental health problem that causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. This might involve hallucinations or delusions.’

NHS Choices

Early intervention in psychosis is a clinical approach used for patients who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time.

This approach centres on the early detection and treatment of early symptoms of psychosis during the formative years of the psychotic condition. Advancing Quality measures performance in the standard of care in treating early intervention psychosis as the provision of optimal treatments in these early years is thought to prevent relapses and reduce the long term impact of the condition.

Through research, clinical input and clinical guidelines Advancing Quality has developed four measures that, when applied at the appropriate time, can greatly increase the outcomes for patients. Advancing Quality uses these measures to monitor the quality of care given to patients across the North West with the aim of improving standards and reducing variation in care.


1. Risk assessment within 30 days of acceptance

A complete risk assessment covering several areas allows for your strengths and needs to be better understood. This assessment allows the outcomes of any interventions to be measured.

2. Care coordinator assigned

A care coordinator is the link for you and the services that look after you. They can help during crisis and monitor the efficiency of any interventions.

3. Antipsychotic Medication review

It is important to monitor compliance with the medication regime and that any side effects are reported to the care team.

4. Calculation of the duration of untreated psychosis and measurement of symptom severity

Measuring symptom severity and duration of untreated psychosis means clinicians can better understand your condition and your requirements.


The PANSS or the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale is a medical scale used for measuring symptom severity of patients with schizophrenia.

5. Physical Health Assessment (Introduced Y6)

Having a physical health assessment means the care of both your mental and physical health are being jointly addressed.

6. Help to Stop Smoking (Introduced Y6)

If you are a smoker you will be offered support and advice to stop smoking. Stopping smoking reduces the chance of further health problems.
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