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Everyone in the northwest should receive care and treatment that is excellent, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Our aim is to improve standards of healthcare provided in hospitals and clinical commissioning groups across the northwest of England, so that more patients have a better outcome from their treatments. We do this by working with clinicians to deliver a set of quality standards which define and measure good clinical practice.

We focus on several areas which affect many patients in the region these clinical focus areas fall into categories such as cardiac conditions, orthopedics (for example Hip and Knee replacement surgery), respiratory conditions and mental health conditions. 

Every patient should be treated as an individual, however research has shown that standardising certain aspects of your care can greatly improve your recovery and management of your conditions. Advancing Quality measures these aspects to ensure you are getting the most appropriate treatment for your condition regardless of which hospital you are in.

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The Advancing Quality programme was launched in 2008 across all North West hospitals and independent research evaluating the impact of the programme has shown it is working.



Fewer deaths during the first 18 months


Bed days saved


Saved due to bed days saved


Click here to view year eight final results

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